Forensic Linguistic Research

Professor Emeritus of English & Cultural Anthropology, Duke University

Former Chair, Department of English, Duke University

Former Chair, Linguistics Program, Duke University

Former Co-Editor, International Journal of Speech, Language, and Law

Immediate Past President, International Association of Forensic Linguists

I concluded forty years of professional service in teaching and research at Duke University in September, 2007. For over twenty-five years I have consulted with law firms and served as an expert witness in matters concerning linguistics and the law, and I continue to offer my services as linguistic expert specializing in

trademark issues (strength of mark,  likelihood of confusion, word history, dilution, putatively scandalous marks)

interpretation of the language of contracts and statutes

allegations of defamation

verifiability of confessions and interrogations

the interpretation of linguistic evidence—spoken, written, and electronic

Linguistics Expert/ Trademark Linguistics/ Expert Witness

Ronald R. Butters


RonButters (at) mac (dot) com


RonButters (at) trademarklinguistics (dot) com

Ph: 919.423.8866

Fax: 919.287.2816


Introductory Video

Ron Butters on Forensic Linguistics